Yes, you can. After buying a property, you will be issued a residence permit within 21 days. You can even obtain citizenship if you have lived on the island for ten years.

Within two to three weeks of signing the contract, you will become the full owner of the property you have purchased. An important detail when transferring ownership: you will need a certificate of non-punishment and a notarized translation into English or Turkish.

Iskele (Long Beach) is a very quiet area that is well suited to buyers who want to live away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. In Iskele (Long Beach), for example, there is less traffic, a well-developed infrastructure and nearby beaches. However, properties in the region are also somewhat more expensive.

Of course, this always depends on what type of property it is. If you own an apartment in a residential complex, you will have to pay service charges such as landscaping, pool cleaning, lighting and garbage collection. The total amount is between 35 and 50 euros per month, depending on the agreement.

Northern Cyprus is considered a very safe country with a very low crime rate. So you can feel completely at ease.

We work exclusively with reliable and proven construction companies. We are the exclusive partner of the DÖVEC Group. So you can be sure that you will receive the best conditions and purchase prices.

You will receive your residence permit within 21 days of purchasing the property. All you have to do is submit a few documents and have a short, formal interview with the authorities. This is very easy due to the low bureaucratic hurdles.

If it is a short-term rental to tourists, it is advisable to buy an apartment as close to the coast as possible. If you want to rent a property for several years at a time, the cities or suburbs are ideal. There is a good infrastructure and everything you need.

Thanks to the low crime rate, this is not a problem. In residential complexes, of course, you still have to pay the fixed costs for operation.

The minimum price for apartments in Northern Cyprus starts at 45,000 euros. The cost of houses and villas starts at 60,000 euros. Real estate in the countryside costs less than in cities or suburbs.

To get to know the country and the property, you can fly to the respective location before you buy. You just buy the flight tickets and we take care of the transfer and accommodation. Within three to four days you can get an idea of the property and then decide.

Yes, that is entirely possible and often very useful. For example, you can use the money from rent to fully cover fees and utility bills and generate income.

Each owner pays taxes on their property every year. You pay one Turkish lira per square meter. When purchasing, a one-off VAT of five percent and stamp duty of 0.5 percent of the property value must also be paid.

Yes, you can. Increasing the value of real estate in Northern Cyprus offers you many advantages. To sell your property, you will need the purchase agreement signed with the previous owner or developer and a deed confirming the transfer of ownership.

You can pay with cash or cashless. You can also open a bank account locally. Cryptocurrencies are also accepted.

The price of all properties sold on the island includes fitted kitchens and wardrobes in the bedrooms. There are also fully furnished apartments and houses. If you want, you can also furnish your property completely yourself.

If you temporarily register the vehicle and pay the local road tax, you can import it into Northern Cyprus. You are then allowed to stay on the island with the vehicle for 365 days within two years. If you want to register the vehicle permanently, you will incur relatively high customs fees. The tax depends on the brand, age, engine performance and type of fuel. It is often advisable to buy a cheap used car directly on site.

Mortgage interest rates range between seven and 12 percent per year. If you buy an apartment on credit or in installments, there are no additional costs for taking out the mortgage and completing the transaction. Thanks to our industry knowledge and cooperation with reliable partners in Northern Cyprus, there are no risks for you.

You have a lot of influence on the construction, for example you can choose the location and choose a convenient payment method. You can also control the construction process. In addition, the apartments purchased during the construction phase can be sold at a significantly higher price after construction is completed and put into operation. In addition, the apartment can be repaid interest-free during the construction period. Thanks to our industry knowledge and cooperation with reliable partners in Northern Cyprus, there are no risks for you.